FAQs - Jamaica Dream Wknd
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Dream Weekend 2020

Dear Dreamers,

After numerous meetings and continuous dialogue with the various Ministries of The government that governs entertainment in Jamaica, we have been advised that due to the continued danger of COVID-19, large festivals like our beloved Dream Weekend Jamaica will not be permitted to happen during the summer of 2020. Thus, we have no choice but to postpone our staging of this event from August 5-9, 2020 to August 5-9, 2021.


While a few of you may be disappointed, through discussions directly with many of our Dreamers, we realize that most of you are still not comfortable at the thought of partying with thousands of your fellow patrons, with very little opportunity for social distancing.

We remind you that for both tickets bought online or offline (e.g. from an outlet), our No Refund Policy has been clearly stated. Please be advised that all tickets purchased will be automatically valid for our new dates: August 5-9, 2021. Additionally, since there are no refunds on tickets, we will facilitate name changes and ticket transfers free of cost to all ticket holders. If there are any questions/concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at info@jamaicadreamweekend.com , we will endeavor to respond within 48 hours.

We hope that you will appreciate that this is a very difficult decision for Dream Entertainment – both emotionally and financially – we have spent almost an entire year planning and re-planning this experience and paying tremendous expenses related to Marketing, Artiste Deposits, Staff Costs, and Accommodation. Dream Entertainment is a 100% black-owned and Jamaican-owned business. We believe now more than ever, that you will appreciate the importance of continuing to support businesses like ours.


We look forward to seeing you and partying with you again in 2021.

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